Shinjuku Nichome Gay Tours with Tokyo Handsome Boys


3 hours.


Step into gay japan.

On our tours, we’ll show you the lifestyle of real Japanese gay guys, and you’ll see the nightlife through the eyes of the locals who love this area.
For Japanese gay men, the gay bars here are the places we can be the most open; our hidden home away from home. The rule of Japanese gay bars is, the smaller, the more hidden, the better, so as to protect our gay community.
One of the main reasons for that is, most gay people in Japan haven’t come out.
Because of that, there are only two ways to enter a local Japanese gay bar.
Either you must be taken there by your gay Japanese friend, or, you must speak Japanese. Gay bars which turn away visitors who don’t speak Japanese, and bars which only accept guests introduced by a regular, are common here.
Well, we can teach you Japanese of course… or more simply, we can take you to the hottest spots in the Japanese gay scene. These can be places we’ve been visiting for years, or ones we’ve gotten into lately.
When you come together with us, you can go anywhere in the gay nightlife. Come with us and take a chance on the real thing!

Meet the handsome boys


Course Leader

Born and raised in Tokyo, I’m an eighth year in university studying Sexuality and Gender Studies.
I’ve been hosting a LGBTQ tour in Shinjuku Nichome for two years, and enjoying drinking and exploring Tokyo’s gay areas for five.
Out of 300 gay bars in this town, I’ve visited about twenty percent, and my goal is to master them all.
It’s said that 80% of the men in Shinjuku Nichome are bottoms, and I am one of them.
My favorite gay bars are Twink boy gay bars. Lately I’m into fundoshi bars where you can wear traditional Japanese underwear!!
I want to show you a fun time in Nichome that can be your most unforgettable memory of Tokyo!!


Gaijin Mascot

Naoki’s partner, and currently on my fourth year in Japan.
On my first day in Japan, I stayed at Naoki’s Airbnb house as his second ever guest. We had so many great adventures together in Nichome that made me love this town.
I want to help you have the same experience, so now I’m working together with Naoki doing gay tours!
My role is to use the Japanese I learned from Naoki to help you go deeper into Japan’s deep gay scene, and create a language bridge with the local community and help you talk with gay guys who only speak Japanese.
The gay bar culture in Japan is totally different from in the US, and while I didn’t get it at first I’ve come to love Japanese gay bars. Today, I’m happy to call Nichome my favorite gay town in the world!